What is eCustoms?

We are an online platform that allows to manage your shipments faster and more securely than with traditional system.

What can you do with our platform?

We simplify and connect the logistic processes guaranteeing transparency, traceability and security for our clients through the Blockchain technology.

How it works?

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At eCustoms we have focused for years on developing a platform where we can share information and documentation in the most secure way possible. That is why we adapted the blockchain technology to our platform. This way, any movement or interaction with your company’s information is tracked, and we can guarantee the highest security for you and your company.

Blockchain system consists of a network of computers called nodes where each one of them has a copy of the information that is generated in an automated way. So, you work in a decentralized way, more secure and traceable than with any other system. Any change in any of these nodes would affect the rest, thus leaving a record of activities and modifications on any shared information flow.

Additionally, eCustoms provides value-added services that make daily operations easier and cheaper: financial services, merchandise assurance, calculation of routes and arrival times, international consulting, etc.